Working with Client Fields

The Client Card keeps all information about a client, including bookings, payments, and messages exchanged with that client, organized in one place. The Info tab of the Client Card stores basic client details, such as name, email and phone. In addition, you can add customized fields so you can collect specific information from your clients. For example, you can ask clients to provide insurance information, or ask them to select products that they prefer.

In the following example, the fields at the top are general ones that come with your account. The last three fields are customized fields that were added by the business owner. 


This article explains everything you need to know about client fields and how to customize them for your business:

Accessing Client Fields

The fields that appear in the Info tab of the Client Card are determined by the setup of the fields in the Client Card Settings page of your account. You can access this page using either of the following methods:

  • Open the Settings menu and click Client Card & Forms. 

  • From an individual Client Card, open the Info tab and click Add/Edit Fields.


Viewing and Organizing Client Fields

The Client Fields tab of the Client Card Settings page lists all the fields that currently appear in the Info tab of your Client Cards. The fields shown in the figure below come with your account. The words in bold (Phone, Address, Birthday, etc.) are the field names. These names are what your clients will see on intake forms. The field type is the field's category. 


The different field types are:

Field types.png

When you hover over a row in the Client Fields tab, some action icons appear that let you manage your fields.


The fields are displayed in the Client Card (and on intake forms) in the order in which they are listed in the Client Fields tab. To change the order, click     and drag the field to the desired position.  

To remove fields that you don't use, click       . Email, First Name and Phone are required fields, and cannot be deleted. 

Editing Client Fields

Clicking in the row of a client field (or clicking       ) opens the Edit client field dialog, where you can view and update the settings of the field. Note that the field type may not be changed. 


The table below lists the editable settings that appear in most client fields.

Note: In the required Email and First Name fields, you can update only the Field name. The other settings do not appear.

Field types 2.PNG

To update the settings of a client field, make the required changes in the Edit client field dialog, and then click Save. 

Adding Client Fields

You can add an unlimited number of customized fields to Client Cards, so you can collect all the information you need to give your clients the best service. Adding a customized field involves choosing the type of field you want to add and then choosing settings for the field. 

To add a client field: 

  • Step 1: At the bottom of the Client Fields tab, click Add Client Field.


The Add client field dialog opens. 

  • Step 2: Open the Field type list and select the appropriate type. 
    Note: You may create only one Unique ID field type. If you already have one, this field type will not appear in the list. 

  • Step 3: On the Field name line, enter a label for the field. 

  • Step 4: If you are adding a Checkbox field type and you want the box to appear to clients already checked, select the Checked by default checkbox. 

  • Step 5: If you are adding a Drop down list field type, enter the different choices in the box provided. You may add as many choices as you want, but each one must be on its own line. For example: 

  • Step 6: If you want the field to appear on your client intake forms, open the list and select the relevant form type(s). 


If you don't select any forms, your clients will not see the field. However, the field will still be added to the Client Card so you can enter the information there manually.

  • Step 7: Select the checkboxes at the bottom of the Add client field dialog, according to your business requirements. For more information about these options, refer to Editing Client Fields


Click Save. 
The Add client field dialog closes, and the new field appears at the end of the list on the Client Fields tab. ​

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