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Can I Set Taxes, Discounts, Terms of Service, and a Due Date on a Wolbix Invoice?

Directly from Square Support:

Square can process internationally issued cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, or Discover logo.  Please keep in mind that the processing of internationally-issued cards is subject to issuer approval and that the fee per transaction for online-entered transactions is 2.9 % + 30¢.  Cardholders may be charged for currency conversion by their card issuer since payments must be processed in USD.

Please note that while you can process internationally issued cards as stated above, you will not be able to use Square if you are located outside of the country in which you activated your Square account.


Regarding your Wolbix account:

The currency of your Wolbix services needs to match the currency set in your Square account. Therefore, if you offer services in your Wolbix account in other currencies, you will need to change those services to USD before charging your clients for those services.