Add Unique Labels to Your Call to Action Urls and Direct Links for Better Source Tracking

Wolbix various widgets, client portal, and link generator offer your clients a variety of ways to get in touch with you. 

Although the widgets, client portal, and campaigns are automatically tracked, unique labels or tags can be added to the Call to Action and Direct Links for better insights into lead source tracking of submitted requests. You can create a unique link for each button of each page on your website!

Examples of uses for a custom label include the following:

  • Hyperlink in your email signature

  • Sales demo from your pricing page

  • Resume submission from your Jobs page

  • Hyperlink or button in your May newsletter


To add a unique label to the URL for better source tracking, please do the following:

  1. Create the Call to Action or Direct Link

  2. For links with no service specified, simply add ?s=ANYTHING to the end of the URL

  3.  For links with a specified service, simply add &s=ANYTHING to the end of the URL

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