Understanding the Clients Menu and Client Card

The Clients menu lets you view and manage all your business contacts, customers and leads from a single page in your vCita account. 


This article explains how to manage clients from the Clients menu:

The Clients Menu: Overview

The main features of the Clients section are described in the table below the diagram. 


Client Management Actions

The buttons at the top of the Clients menu allow quick access to common client management actions.

  • New Client: Allows you to manually add a contact to your Clients list.  

  • Invite via Email: Sends a call-to-action email message to selected clients, prompting them to visit your client portal, book, pay, etc.

  • Select: Allows you to select and unselect all the contact currently displayed in the Clients list.

  • Import: Opens the Import wizard, which enables you to perform bulk imports to your Clients list.

The following buttons are available only when at least one contact on your Clients list is selected (the checkbox on the left is checked): 

  • Add tags: Allows you to apply tags to the selected clients. 

  • Change status: Enable you to update the client status of the selected contacts. 

  • Delete: Removes the selected contacts from your set of clients. 

  • New: Allows you to send an email message or attach documents to the records of the selected clients.

Working with the Client Card

Clicking on a row in the Clients list opens a full page view of the Client Card for the selected client. The six tabs of the Client Card (indicated in the figure below) enable you to quickly access all client details, transactions and messages exchanged with that client. From the Main tab, you can update client status and tags, as well as enter personal notes related to the client (notes written here are never visible to clients). The Info tab contains basic client details (such as email, phone, etc.) as well as any customized information fields that you've added to the Client Card Settings. 


For additional convenience, a smaller view of the Client Card is displayed on the right side of every page that is associated with an individual client. For example: 


Clicking the icon in the upper right corner of this Client Card opens a list of options that provide shortcuts to common client management actions.


Click Save. 
The Add client field dialog closes, and the new field appears at the end of the list on the Client Fields tab. ​

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