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How Do Time Zones Affect Scheduling?

With Wolbix, you will have two options for handling time zones during the online booking process. You can allow the system to show your availability in the client's time zone, or you can choose to show availability only in your default time zone.

Use your client's time zone

Use your local time zone

Default to the client's time zone

  • When clients go to schedule online, the system will detect their time zone and display your availability and appointment slots in their time zone

  • Recommended if you have:

    • Clients in different time zones

    • Services that are provided remotely - online or over the phone

    • Events in locations in different time zones

Client View

In the example below, the client who is attempting to schedule is located in Pacific Time while the business default time zone is set to Central Time:

  • A warning at the bottom lets the client know that the available appointments are shown in their current time zone.

  • If the client is traveling across time zone(s), or the time zone is incorrect, they can click on "Change" to select their preferred time zone for the date of the service they are scheduling.

  • All appointment notifications will display in the clients time zone.

Staff View

  • When a client's time zone differs from your default time zone, the appointment details (click on the appointment on your vCita calendar to see these) will display the staff's time zone and client's time zone


If you need to update your client's time zone within Wolbix, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Clients and select your client

  2. On the client card, select the Info tab

  3. Under Additional Information, the client's time zone will display

  4. Click on the time zone to open the drop-down menu and select the correct time zone

  5. The system will save automatically


Default to your local time zone

  • When clients schedule online, all services and appointment times will only show in your local time

  • Recommended if:

    • Your business is local and you only provide services to clients in your own time zone

    • Your business operates at a physical location (good for hair stylists, chiropractors, etc.)

Here are the steps to set your Business to Local:

  1. Click on Settings > Availability & Calendar

  2. Select the "My business is local, display all times in my own time zone" checkbox

  3. Click on "Save Changes"


​For information on setting up your default time zone and staff time zones check out our article How To Set Your Time Zone.


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