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Why Should I Sync My Personal Calendar to Wolbix?

Synchronizing your personal calendar (i.e. Google, Outlook, iCal, etc.) to Wolbix allows the system to reflect the most accurate availability to your clients who are booking online.

Times that are marked as "busy" on your personal calendar will sync to your Wolbix calendar. You can choose to show the details for the synced events or simply display them as busy on your Wolbix calendar under Staff Settings. When clients try to book with you, Wolbix will see these synced events and know not to offer busy time slots as an option to your clients. Your clients will only see the available time, they will not be able to see the details of any of your other scheduled appointments or event.

Syncing your personal calendar to Wolbix will ensure you do not double or triple book yourself!

Please note: other settings that determine your availability in Wolbix are:

For Solo:

  • Calendar Increments and Business Hours, under Settings > Availability & Calendar

  • Service Availability and Service Duration configured for individual services in Settings > My Services

  • Advanced Notification & Limit Future Bookings set in Settings > Online Booking Options

For Teams, also:



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