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How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Wolbix

To sync multiple Google Calendars, we recommend all the calendars you want synced to be under a single Google account. 

If you have different Google accounts for the calendars you want to sync, you will first need to subscribe them all to one account. Once completed, you can then sync that account with Wolbix.

For more information on adding additional calendars to your Google calendar, please check out the article Add someone else's Google calendar from the Google Help Center.

To sync your Google calendar with Wolbix, please do the following:

  1. Click on Settings > Staff

  2. Hover over the staff member and click on the 3 Dots that appear

  3. Select Staff settings from the menu that appears 

  4. Click on My Schedule on the left side staff settings menu

  5. In the Calendar Sync section, click the "Sync Availability" button found next to the Google Calendar option

  6. Follow the instructions to complete the synchronization

  7. Once the sync is completed a list of all available calendars tied to that google account will display

  8. Check the box for each calendar displaying under Select which calendars should affect your availability that you want to pull busy events from

  9. After selecting all the calendars wanted, click the "Save Changes" button found at the bottom


After you've synced your Google calendars to Wolbix, you can go to your Wolbix calendar and view all synced events there to confirm your sync was successful.

Please Note: Your Google Calendars will be checked every 10 minutes and the system will update your Wolbix calendar for all busy time events automatically



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