How do I know the source of each client request with Wolbix?

For each contact, payment, shared document, or scheduling request, Wolbix will save the following:

  • The web page source URL of the submitted request

  • Which Wolbix widget was used for the request

To view the source of each request, please do the following:

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Wolbix Inbox

  • Step 2:Click on any engagement

  • Step 3:The Conversation will open

  • Step 4:In the example below the appointment was manually created by a staff member. The source will display as: "Initiated by staff" 

  • Step 5: Other examples include, "Client Portal", "Campaign" and "Website"

  • Step 6: Clicking on the source will show you the full source details and the specific URL of said source

To view the source URL of each request, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Wolbix Inbox

  2. Click on any engagement

  3. The Conversation will open

  4. Click on the source (Example: "Website")

  5. The Source details will open and display the all the data, including the URL and channel


Please Note: This URL will also pass through our REST API and into Google Analytics

Sources will show as an option in your Inbox. Selecting Sources will expand the group. Selecting a listed source will filter to view all conversations tied to that specific source. This list will update automatically, whenever a new source is utilized.


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