What is the "source" of a client or conversation?

Wolbix will track the source of clients and conversations, which lets you know where that client or conversation originated. This article will explain what each source means.

Client Sources

You can find the source of a client on the client card under Additional Information.


Possible sources of a client:

  • Initiated by staff: imported or added manually by a staff member

  • Client portal: Originated from your client portal 

  • Direct link: Accessed a direct link

  • Website: A widget on your website

  • Conversation Sources

  • Find the source of a conversation (this includes bookings, payments, contact requests, reviews, etc.) in the top right hand corner of the conversation page.


Possible sources:

  • Initiated by staff: Manually initiated by a staff member

  • Client portal: An action on your client portal 

  • Direct link: A direct link

  • Website: a widget on your website

  • Campaign: a Call-To-Action on your campaign 

Sources that show on a conversation can be clicked for more details. For more information on conversation sources, be sure to check out our article How do I know the source of each client request with Wolbix?


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