Client Card Settings: How to Select What Fields Display to Clients Based on Their Actions

Looking for specific fields to show up on the contact form, but not during payments?  Need more details within the payment section, but not in scheduling?  In Settings > Client Card choose which client card fields are asked basked on your client's action:

  • During Scheduling: When a client goes to schedule online

  • On Contact Requests: When the client sends a message

  • During Online Payments: When a client makes a payment

You can also mark a client card field as:

  • Required Field: Your client must fill that field to submit their request

  • Keep asking until completed: Your client will be asked to fill out this field every time they reach out, until they provide a response

These options will determine what fields your clients are asked based on how they reach out to you the first time.  If you don't check any of the options, your clients will not see the field. However, the field will still be added to the Client Card so you can enter the information there manually.

Please Note: Once a client is added to your client list, the system will recognize that they are a returning client going forward. At the point, the client will only be asked to fill out Service Client Intake Forms (setup in My Services and only show when booking online) or any fields that are empty and are marked as "Keeping asking until completed" in the settings.

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