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Create a Scheduling Link That Opens the Calendar on a Specific Date

The Direct Links functionality in Wolbix can be used to create scheduling links that show availability beginning with a specified date.

To create a direct scheduling link that open the calendar on a specific date, please do the following:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Online Presence > Client Portal

  • Step 2:Click the "Create Direct Links" button

  • Step 3:The Create a Link wizard will appear

  • Step 4:Select "Schedule"

  • Step 5: Adjust the link options as desired

  • Step 6: Click on the "Advanced Options" drop-down menu

  • Step 7: Under First day show, select Specific date

  • Step 8: Specify the desired start date

  • Step 9: Click on "Get Link"

  • Step 10: Click on "GRAB LINK"

  • Step 11: Click on "CLOSE"

To confirm your link is working as intended, paste the copied URL in a new tab. Once your link is configured you can place it into your hyperlinks, emails, campaigns, or buttons on your website, etc.


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