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Payment FAQs: Client Payment Notifications

Q: What happens when a client completes a payment?
A: When a client completes a payment, the service provider will get an email notification.

If configured, the service provider can also receive an SMS notification and\or a push notification on their mobile device.

SMS notifications and mobile push notifications can be configured under the following:

  1.  Settings > Staff

  2. Hover over the staff member's name > Click on the 3 dots > Staff Settings > My Notifications 

    • For SMS notifications, on the Essentials Plan or higher, select the Mobile text notifications checkbox and then enter the staff member's country and mobile phone number

    • For push notifications on the mobile app, select the Mobile App notifications checkbox

  3. Click on Save Changes

The payment can be reviewed on the Payments tab of the Wolbix account as well.


Q: Do I receive an email notification for incomplete payments? 
A: No. If a payment was started but not completed, an engagement will automatically be created and added to your Wolbix inbox to ensure you don't lose any potential leads. Wolbix will not send you an email or SMS notification for incomplete payments. 


Q: Can I edit the email that my client will receive upon completing a payment? 
A: Yes. On the Business Plan or higher, you can edit client facing templates.


The email template for completed payments can be edited under the following location:

  1. Settings > Email Templates 

  2. Payments Drop-down menu > Client > Payment received

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