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Payment FAQs: Client Payments

Q: Can my clients make a payment directly from the Website Widget?
A: Yes, a Make a Payment button can be placed on the Website Widget by doing the following:


Online Presence > Website Widgets > Client Portal Widget > Edit/View Button > Portal Actions drop-down menu > Check the Make Payment button


Q: I don't have Square, Stripe, or PayPal. Can I still use this?
A: At this time, Square, Stripe, and PayPal are the only payment gateways we support.

Q: I don't want to offer online payments to my clients. How do I turn it off?
A: You can remove the options for your clients to pay online by doing the following:

  1. Settings > Payments > Credit card processing > Online payments

  2. Uncheck "Allow clients to pay online via credit card or PayPal"

  3. Click Save

Q: One of my clients completed a direct payment, but I also sent him/her an invoice. Can I merge the two? 
A: No, merging a Payment with an Invoice is not an option, yet, but it is coming soon! We suggest cancelling the Invoice and archiving it, to remove it from your summary screen.

Q: How are direct payments different from a payment from an invoice?
A: Direct payments will not be associated with an Invoice number on your Payment Summary dashboard. 

Unlike a traditional Wolbix invoice, even brand new clients, who have never contacted you before, can complete a payment.

Additionally, instead of sending the client an invoice, you can provide a direct link to the payment screen. You can also refer clients to complete a payment via a button on your website or on the landing page of your client portal.

Q: When would I use direct payments instead of a traditional invoice?
A: Direct payments are a great option when you would like to allow your client to make a donation or a deposit, pay for a packaged service, or even to allow other people to purchase your services for someone else (like a gift card).

Additionally, having access to the direct payment link allows you to add a section to your website dedicated specifically to completing payments. Direct payments are also an alternative to requesting payment up-front through the service itself.

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