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Offering Multi-Staff Online Scheduling

Wolbix offers solutions for your entire organization or team. A Team Account lets you offer clients the option to schedule services and appointments with specific staff members while maintaining a unified branded design and widgets.

Each member of your team can offer different services, based on their preferences and availability. Staffing options for a service are selected within the settings of the relevant service. For example: 


In addition, you can view and manage all staff activities, appointments and correspondence from your Admin dashboard. 

The main account contains company data and basic settings that all sub-accounts (team) share. The following information is shared by all sub-accounts:

  • Business Information  (company name, phone and address) 

  • Service types (you can assign specific services to specific team members)

  • General calendar display

  • Advanced scheduling options, e.g., reminders and automatic appointment confirmations

  • Automatic "Thank you" messages

  • Payment information and invoices

  • Logo and branding colors

  • Client card fields

The following information can be set separately for each team member:

  • Email, name and profile image

  • Specific services provided by the team member

  • Business hours, time zone and calendar sync

  • Mobile phone number for SMS notifications

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