How do I put multiple Scheduling Calendar Widgets on my website?

Attract more bookings by placing a scheduling calendar widget right on your website! You can use the general widget code found in your Wolbix account (in Online Presence > Website Widgets) to add a scheduling calendar widget. However, you will notice that updating the widget in your account will affect all the widgets on your website. But what if you want multiple different scheduling calendars on your website? For example, scheduling calendars for your multiple services, each on their own dedicated web page. This tutorial will show you how to create multiple widgets for specific services, categories and staff members. You can do this by creating g a the Direct Link to the Scheduling Calendar.

Direct Link Method

To get your direct link:

1. Begin in your Wolbix account.

2. Navigate to Online Presence > Client Portal > Create Direct Links

3. In the section Invite clients, select Schedule

4. At this point, you can specify if this calendar widget should only show a specific service, category of services or staff member. 

Tip: Expand Advanced Options if you would like to set a specific date as the starting point for scheduling on your custom widget.

5. Click Get link and copy the link that is generated in the popup.  

Image 1.png

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