Managing Client Status

Use a client status to categorize clients according to their relationship with your business. This categorization enhances your client management capabilities by allowing you to filter clients by status, send marketing campaigns to targeted audiences, and more. 

The default statuses:

  • Lead: A potential customer who has not yet had business interactions with you.

  • Customer: A client who has had at least one business interaction with you.

  • Inactive: An old client who is not actively engaging with your business.

  • VIP: A client who is especially valuable to your business.

You can edit the defaults if desired.


This article explains how to manage and customize Client Status settings.

Client Status Automation

Wolbix automatically assigns a status to all existing clients according to the following conventions:

  • Leads: Clients who have not completed any appointments/attended any group events, have not been sent any invoices and have not made any payments. (Clients who have booked appointments are considered leads until the appointment has been completed.)

  • Customers: Clients who have completed at least one appointment/attended at least one group event OR who have made at least one payment OR who have been sent at least one invoice.

After clients with a Lead status have completed an appointment/attended a group event, received an invoice OR made a payment, their status is automatically updated to Customer. In the event that a client does not keep the appointment (No Show), or if you cancel the invoice/refund the payment, the client's status does NOT automatically revert to Lead. If you wish, you may change the client's status manually.

Note: The VIP status is never assigned automatically by Wolbix. 

You can override the default automation behavior by updating automation parameters in your Client Settings. 

To update Client Status automation settings:

  • Step 1: From the Wolbix console, open the Settings menu and select Client Card & Forms.

  • Step 2: At the top of the page that opens, click Client Status. 

  • Step 3: To enable and disable automatic status changes, toggle the switch.

  • Step 4: To update the settings that determine when Lead clients automatically become Customers, enable the toggle. Then, adjust the checkboxes. (At least one checkbox must be selected.)

    Your changes are saved automatically.

Manually Update Client Status

Regardless of how you configure your Client Status automation settings, you can always update the status of clients manually, in the Wolbix console. You can update the status of an individual client, or change the status of multiple clients simultaneously. 

Updating Client Status (Individual Client)

For an individual client, the status is updated from the Main tab of the Client Card. 

To update the status of an individual client: 

  • Step 1: Open the Clients menu and select the relevant client from the Clients List. 

    The Client Card of the selected client opens, with the Main tab displayed by default.

  • Step 2: Open the Status list and select the relevant option. 


The selected status is automatically saved. 

Updating Client Status (Multiple Clients)

The Change Status bulk action enables you to update the status of multiple clients simultaneously. 

To update the status of multiple clients:

  • Step 1: Open the Clients menu. If desired, filter the Clients List according to status. 

  • Step 2: Select the checkboxes of the clients whose statuses you want to change. Then, at the top of the page, click Change status. 


The Change client status popup opens. 

  • Step 3: Open the dropdown list and select a new status for the clients. Then, click Save. 


The popup closes, and your changes are saved in the system. 

Custom Client Statuses

You don't have to stick with the defaults: if you would like to add new statuses or rename Wolbix default client statuses, you are free to use terms better aligned with your business.

To edit the default statuses:

1. In your Wolbix account, navigate to Settings > Client Card & Forms.

2. Switch to the Client Status tab.

3. Delete the existing status and rename it. 


Please note: This will update all clients with the existing status to the new status. ​

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