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How will I know when I get a booking request?

When a client makes a booking with you, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your staff account. It will also appear in your Wolbix Inbox. To view these booking requests in Wolbix, navigate to the Inbox and select the "Requires Your Attention" folder. 


(If you've requested your client to confirm an appointment booked on their behalf, the email will be in your "Sent" folder until the client responds.)

Click on the conversation to view the full details. Here you can accept the appointment (if you have manual scheduling enabled), view more details about the appointment, check if the client has viewed your message, or send another message to the client.


​​For Multi-staff accounts, the Admin and Manager staff will have access to the Team View feature and can view all correspondences for all staff. To read more about utilizing the Team View feature, check out our article Team Display View Options for Multi-staff Accounts.


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