How To Effortlessly Move Your Small Business Online Without Tech Skills, Drama or Time

Are you worried about becoming a statistic; one of the many small businesses that foreclose as a result of our new found reality? If your biz operates on an in-person face-to-face model, social distancing restrictions that stretch on for months could make this nightmare a reality…

But this pandemic also offers an opportunity: to finally take your business online so you, too, can prosper in our digital age.

I know many small business owners and freelancers who have toyed with the idea. They know having a digital presence and capability is important. But until they took action, they didn’t understand its power. Now, more than ever, the jump online is a survival imperative rather than a nice idea.

In a moment, I share exactly how you can complete this process in a staggering five minutes and begin taking bookings and payments shockingly soon. But first, I want to share something that concerns me greatly…

In the last few months, massive local and global change has left us with a sudden new reality. Many are unprepared, scared and facing an uncertain future. People are losing their jobs and many small business owners are struggling to keep their heads above the rough waters. Maybe you know what I am talking about?

But as historian Yuval Noah Harari has said, “Many short-term emergency measures will become a fixture of life. That is the nature of emergencies. They fast-forward historical processes.”[1]

Social distancing and the risk of deadly infection have thrown us headlong into a world where people want to safely access their service providers — people just like you — online, where possible. If you don't offer this option, there’s a good chance your small business won't survive the carnage.

social distancing and your small busines

And as medical experts expect this virus to join the ranks of seasonal infections[1], like the flu and common cold, clients may wish to limit unnecessary contact long into the foreseeable future. This makes the act of flexibility a requirement for survival. If small businesses don’t adapt, they may quickly become redundant and insolvent.

Whether you are a business or life coach, psychologist or personal trainer, yoga teacher or other consultant, this article will show you, step-by-step, how to effortlessly set up your online business in less than 5 minutes… even if you are as computer proficient as a centenarian, and the very term "tech savvy” sends a shiver up your old-school spine.


Instead of a life vest, you’re about to discover how to get the yacht and the skipper.

What do you need to do to take your small business online, and what benefits will it bring? 


Keep your business working on profitable autopilot, 24/7

Our new reality means that to survive and thrive, you need the capacity to meet your clients online.

But the lack of information about precisely how to do this, wasted hours of research, confusion and costly, frustrating errors have held many small business owners back.

I completely understand these fears and concerns about making the important shift. The great news is, with the right advice and tools, it’s much easier than you think!

And no, I'm not talking about expensive website development or a million-dollar website...

At a time when finances may be precarious, this makes no sense at all.

What you need is an affordable branded portal where your clients can see your business details, opening hours, and take actions such as scheduling an appointment, making payments or simply contacting you.


Even if you have a traditional offline small business you can generate leads and inquiries while you are closed and follow up with those prospects and clients when office hours resume.

Many people will do their research at the end of the day, when your biz is closed. But your website, your portal, operates as your 24/7 salesperson. It answers questions, generates leads, and brings in sales.


Creating an online presence could not just save your small business; it could be the tool that allows you to thrive in troubling times.

small business profits.jpg

Sending quotes, generating invoices, accepting credit cards, and automating invoicing and payment follow-ups add to your bottom line and saves you time and stress. 

Once these two crucial steps — keeping your business working on profitable autopilot, 24/7 and generating income from the comfort of your own home — are in place, operating your online business becomes seamless and simple.

Then there are two additional requirements that form essential foundations for any business; online or physical.


Reach your clients with ease

How much time do you waste on scheduling or rescheduling appointments? Sending manual reminders to your clients before meetings? Trying to reach potential clients who initiated contact, with no success. For most small businesses the answer is a lot!

This frustrating process can look completely different. It can and should be streamlined.

How? Find out here now.

Store all your clients data in one place


Be honest: how effectively are you able to track all your client’s data?

To deliver great client results, to remain effortlessly on-track and to scale your small business, you need relevant information.

Client conversations, follow-up, and tasks often mean consulting WhatsApp, email, SMS, your notebook or calendar. Want to know whether a payment was made? Switch to your bank statement or app and scroll.


It's messy and ineffective.

When you, instead, have each touch-point and info in one place, the benefits of digital streamlining become obvious…

Want to see your last chat? Identify previous and upcoming meetings? View historical invoices and expected payments? See previous booking cancellations with problematic clients?

Having one cloud-based, central client management platform transforms the management of your online small business from hair pulling to effortlessly effective. 

Clients should have the ability to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, even when you or your small business are not available. They should receive automated reminders. They should receive the enhanced productivity a targeted, digital platform delivers...

You should have easy access to relevant info. You should be informed when a meeting is canceled or changed. You should be able to easily find client payments. You should be able to focus on what you do best, rather than deal with the admin that can easily be solved by simple tech…

When these key “should’s” are taken care of client satisfaction jumps, headaches, time and profitless frustrations diminish, and you can focus more time on business growth and profitability and less on getting the chickens into the coop.

How can this game changing process be completed in less than 5 minutes? 

In around the same time as it will take you to read this article?

Meet Wolbix! 


Wolbix is a revolutionary platform which enables small businesses like yours to manage their clients with one app, in one place.

complete business management tool.png

Enable your clients to set their own meetings, accept payments online with any credit card, send automated reminders and much more!

Imagine your clients being able to book appointments 24/7 with one click of a button. Just decide when you want to take clients bookings. The scheduling system, which is synced with your Google calendar, will take care of the rest.


Wolbix has everything you need to move your small business online, fast. It eliminates the need for complicated platforms, expensive sites, and the various add-ons other services require to work.

Wolbix has been designed with small businesses in mind. It makes running your biz a piece of cake…


NO more forgotten meetings… 

NO more overdue payments...
NO more complicated and frustrating tech issues...

It is that simple!

Register with Wolbix for FREE 14-day trial. 


Now, let me explain exactly how you can take your small business online in the next 5 minutes...

1.       Register with Wolbix

2.       Select your profession and small business needs.

business needs.png

3.       Create your online presence

Brand and design your client portal with your own look and feel.

online presence.png

Picture: An example of Wolbix's Client Portal. Note you can add or remove actions per your requirements. 

4.       Choose the services you would like to offer clients.

Go to “Settings” and choose “My Services”


Create a new service or edit an existing service.

new service.png

You can add an image to the service, connect your Zoom or Skype account, set the duration of the service, add pricing.

There are other setting options, should you wish to include them.

Want some help?

Wolbix will help you set up your account, one designed specifically for your needs. Schedule your free customized demo now.


5.  Accept payments online

Go again to settings and choose “Payments”

Choose your preferred currency. Connect your business to Stripe or PayPal.

If you don't yet have an account with PayPal, register an account here.

This allows you to receive credit card payments from all over the world.

Ok, 5 minutes are up!

Congratulations, you have now set up your basic account! This step is important for protecting your small business from the recent new reality we are facing and securing your future, online.

The Wolbix Platform is an incredible asset for your business. From its online booking system, to automated reminders, marketing campaigns to sharing documents, effortlessly contacting your clients to putting money into your bank.

If you need any guidance for the Wolbix platform, schedule a free live demo with a Wolbix specialist.

If you have yet to sign up for your free trial, now is the perfect time.