How to Create a Direct Link

This article will walk you through how to generate a direct link in your Wolbix account.  Direct Links can be created to invite your clients to do the following:

  • Visit the Client Portal

  • Login to their Account

  • Schedule

  • Share a Document

  • Pay

  • Contact

  • Or Any Custom Action from your Client Portal


Once a direct link is created, you can copy and paste the link into an email, send out via a text message or share it on social media!


To create a direct link, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to: Online Presence > Client Portal

  • Step 2: Click on the Create Direct Links button found in the middle of the page

image2 edited.png
  • Step 3: The Create a Link page will open


This is where you can select which link type you would like to create:

  • VISIT YOUR CLIENT PORTAL - Create a link that will direct your clients to your Wolbix Client Portal.

  • SCHEDULE - Create a link that will direct your clients to your scheduling page to book an appointment.

  • PAY - Create a direct link so that your clients can make a payment.

  • SHARE DOCUMENT - Create a direct link so that your clients can upload and share documents with you.

  • CONTACT - Create a direct link so that your clients can provide you with their contact details or any other information.

  • Or any of the Client Portal actions - This will provide you with a drop-down list to choose from.  In this list, you may notice that some of these actions will create links to the same actions as noted above, but any custom actions you've added to your client portal will also show. Selecting this option will have a link with a customized title. 


Please note: that when you select the Pay, Schedule, or Contact options, you will be prompted to choose additional action-specific settings.

  • Step 5: After you select the type of link you want, the selected option will expand for you to customize your link further. In the screenshot below, you can see you can customize your scheduling link to be for a specific category, service or event, and/or staff member, if needed. You can even select what the first available date for the service to be schedule on will display to clients clicking the link

  • Step 6: Once you're done customizing the action for the link, click the GET LINK button to generate the link

  • Step 7: The Your link is ready page opens displaying the URL for your link

image7 edited.png
Image eye.png
  • Click the          icon to get a preview of what your clients will see when they click on that new link.

  • Click GRAB LINK to copy your new link to the clipboard.

You can now share your link wherever and with whomever you like!