How Do My Clients Login to the Client Portal?

The client portal is an excellent place for your clients to find everything they need.  By logging into the client portal, your clients can view their past correspondence with your business, set or reschedule their next appointment, upload and share documents with you, as well as view their complete history they have with your business. In addition, the client portal gives your clients an easier way to communicate directly with your business and take action on their own.


Here is how you client logs into the Client Portal:

1. From your Client Portal, your client will click on the My Account button


​​2. The login page will open - your client will enter their email address (your client's email address is their unique identifier) and click on the Get            Login Code button


3. Clicking the Get Login Code button will trigger a temporary verification code sent to your client and the Enter Verification Code page will open

  • SMS*: If your client has a phone number tied to their account that receives SMS notifications, the verification code will be sent there first. If your client does not receive the code, they can click on the "Resend code" option on the page, and the code will be sent via Email

  • Email:  If there is no phone number for SMS notifications tied to your client's account, the system will automatically send an email with the verification code


Here is what the email your clients will receive looks like:

image12 edited.png

4. Once your clients enter the full 6-digit temporary verification code, it will successfully log them into the Client Portal:


*Please Note: The SMS used to send your clients the verification code do not count towards the SMS used for marketing and notifications.