How Do I Export My Client List?

To export your client list follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Clients

  2. Click on the export button located at the top right of the screen

  3. When you select the "Export" button, the Export Client window will open. Here you can customize the data you are pulling

  4. In the Columns section you can select "All" or "Custom"- when you select custom you can click on the different fields you want pulled. Selected fields will show as blue. You will have the option to pull all the client card fields you have set up, along with the following:

    • Notes

    • Time Zone (if your business is not set as Local)

    • Source

    • Source URL

    • Created At

    • Unsubscribed

    • Email Blocked

    • Tags

    • Mobile

  5. In the Rows section, you can select either "All" or "Filtered"

    • If you filter your client list before exporting, selecting"Filtered" will only export the filtered clients displaying

  6. In the Format section select either "CSV" or "Excel" to determine the format of your report

  7. Once you've made your selections, just click "Download"


Any further questions ?