How do I Change my Subscription?

You can review your account status and make any changes to your subscription from your Wolbix Dashboard via Settings > My Account. Click on Change Plan and choose from one of our packages. You can choose to be billed once annually at a discounted rate or monthly.



When you upgrade to a higher tier plan, a credit will be applied to your account for the unused portion of your current subscription. In other words: you will only pay the difference between your current plan and the new plan.


When you switch to a lower tier plan, a credit will be added to your account for the unused portion of your plan. For instance: If you paid $240 for the whole year, used it for 2 months, and now you switch to a yearly plan that costs $120, you will get $200 credit (in other words you will have 20 months pre-paid for your new plan). When you downgrade your account, be sure to review your account settings as the features available to you vary between subscriptions.

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