How do I Cancel my Subscription?

If you have an account you want to close or cancel, here's how to proceed:

Closing an Account

Choosing to close your account will cause your account to expire and you will no longer have access to Wolbix. This can be done in your Wolbix account. To close your Wolbix account, navigate to Settings > My Account  and click on Close Account. You will not be billed further for your account.

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Suspending an Account

The process for account suspension is the same as cancellation. When you close your account, the account will expire at the end of your current billing cycle. Your data will remain intact. When you are ready to reactivate, simply log back into your account and upgrade to a paid plan to pick up exactly where you left off.

Deleting an Account

Note that your account data is not deleted when you close your account. If you are interested in deleting your account and all information associated with it, reach out to Wolbix support with a request to delete your account.

Please keep in mind that deletion is a permanent, irreversible action and your data will be lost.


Our cancellation policy goes over how the billing will be handled should you decide to close your account. Click here to review our full cancellation policy

Note: Active widgets on your website need to be removed manually, as they will not be automatically removed.

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