How Do I Export My Client Data?

To export your client list, first click on Clients in the main menu. Then click on the Export Button located at the top right of the screen.

image28 edited.png

The Export Window will open. Here you can customize what data is pulled:

  • Columns

    • Select "All" to export all client data that you've collected

    • Choose "Custom" to select what client information you wish to export. Selected items for export will turn blue when clicked. Clicking the item again will unselect it, and it will turn back to black.

  •  Rows

    • Choosing "All" will export all your clients for export

    • If you filter you client list before exporting, you can select the "Filtered" option to only export your filtered clients.

Finally, make sure to select the file format you want and then just click Download!


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