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How Do I Export My Appointment Data?

To export your appointment details, navigate to your Calendar and click the export button located at the top right of the screen.

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You can export a list of all scheduled or requested appointments. This report does not include expired or canceled appointments. You can export this report for any time range into an Excel or a CSV file.

When you select the "Export" button, the Appointments & Events Report window will open. Here you can customize the data you are pulling.

  1. Set the time frame you want to pull your data for

  2. In the Columns section you can select "All" or "Custom"- when you select custom you can click on the different fields you want pulled. Selected fields will show as blue. You will have the option to pull the following appointment fields:

    • Appointment Time

    • Creation Time: the appointment time requested by you or your client

    • Client Information: All information located in the client card

    • Service Details: Service Name, Duration, Location, and Price

    • Service Status: Completed/No Show

    • Payment status/details

    • Completed/No Show status indication

    • Coupon Discount

    • Source

  3. In the Rows section, you can select either "All" or "Custom"

    • "Custom" will allow you to select the staff and service(s) you want the data for

  4. In the Format section select either "CSV" or "Excel" to determine the format of your report.

  5. Once you've made your selections, just click "Download."


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