Why are Emails/Notifications not received or marked as spam?

Why did my email notification go straight to the spam folder?

This can happen in 3 cases:

  • The email was marked as spam previously. The email client will remember the sender and automatically send all new emails from that sender to spam.

  • You have an inbox rule set in your email client. This rule could be, for example, that all emails received from an unknown sender go to spam.

  • The server has a set rule that sends all emails from unknown senders to spam.

You will need to unmark the sender and email as spam. Once this is done you should receive all emails in your inbox.

Why am I not receiving emails?

This is most likely to happen if you have your very own custom domain but is not limited to custom domains.

Once this is done, let us know by submitting a ticket so we can reset your email state and remove you from our bounce list!

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