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How Can I Customize the Availability for a Specific Service?

Wolbix offers all sorts of customization options! Looking to customize the availability of a specific service? No matter your subscription, you can set your default availability, but will also always be able to adjust your availability and a service's availability.

In the example below, we'll show how you can customize a service so it only available three times a day for three days a week.

Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > My Services and select the service you want to have customized availability

  • Scroll down to Duration and Availability and under Service Availability select on "My Service has Different Availability"

  • You can then add multiple hour duration's here to work with your schedule; you can click on the Plus sign next to the Trash icon and add more time slots if needed for a specific day as well.
    For example, we have a service that has an availability that is three days a week, three times a day.  While other services you offer may be available from 9AM to 5PM, this service will show up with this specific availability for your clients.
    Service Menu View:


Client preview:

  • Make sure to click on "Done" when you are ready to save!

Still unsure about services?  Definitely look into Configuring Your Service Menu for more tips and tricks!

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