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How Can I Create a Client Intake Form?

Wolbix offers two types of intake forms you can use to collect and store information about your clients: the Client Card and Client Intake Form.

Client Card fields appear when a new client is interacting with your business for the first time. You can view and edit these under Settings > Client Card. (for more info on the Client Card, please check out our article Customizing Client Card Settings). 

Client Intake Forms, on the other hand, are service-specific, and this information needs to be filled out every time a client schedules an appointment for that specific service. 

Please Note: Answers to service-specific questions will not be added to the client card. Instead, they can be found in the conversation tied to the appointment.

Here's how to create a client intake form:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings > My Services 

  • Step 2: Select the service you want to add an intake form to

  • Step 3: Scroll down to the Client Intake Form section

  • This section will display all the client card fields under Default booking intake form fields - to update the default fields, navigate to Settings > Client Card

  • Step 4: Under Additional fields for the service, click "Add/Edit"

  • Step 5: A drop-down menu will allow you to add the following field types: 

    • Any existing Client In-take fields will appear

    • Click Add field to add a new field

  • Step 6: A drop-down menu will allow you to add the following field types: 

    • Single Line Field: One line text answer

    • Multi Line Field: Multi-line answer. You may select the number of lines. Recommended for questions that may have a longer answer

    • Drop Down Field: A multiple choice drop-down menu. One option may be selected

    • Checkbox: A single checkbox for acknowledgment or consent to a specific action

    • Datepicker: Displays a calendar for date selection - Great for asking for a birthday, wedding date, etc.

  • Step 7: After selecting your field type, the Field Options window will open.

    • Label the field - this is the question or field name that your clients will be responding to

    • All the fields will have the option to be Required - if you want your client to fill out the field before they can complete scheduling, check that box

    • Some fields will have an additional step:

      •  Multi Line Field:

        • Enter how many lines the filed should be

      • Drop Down Field

        • Enter your drop-down choices: type in each choice, and then hit the "Enter" key; this will ensure the options are separate when they display to your clients

      • Checkbox

        • Under Default Value, check the box if you want the checkbox to be "Checked by default"

    • Check "Required" if this is a required field. If you do, your client will not be able to finish scheduling without filling it

    • Select "Save" to complete

  • Step 8: Once you SAVE the field, it will be added to the Client intake form section:

  • Step 9: You will now see options to edit or delete the field on hover if necessary

  • Step 10: After you've finished your client intake form, click the Done button at the top to save your changes


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