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Editing Announcements

A bounced message is an email or SMS message which could not be delivered successfully to the recipient due to invalid contact info or the recipient's security settings. Bounced messages hurt your domain credibility and ours! If your campaign has a high rate of bounced messages, your campaign privileges may be suspended in order to comply with Anti-Spam regulation. You will notice the following banner in the Marketing tab.






To have your campaign privileges restored, you must clean up the invalid contacts, which will help prevent future bounces. 


To find your list of invalid contacts:

1. In your Wolbix account, click on Marketing > Delivery History.


2. Click on the 3-dots icon next to the bounced campaign and select View stats.


3. On the Statistics page, select the Bounced tab.






Please review the filtered contacts and either update the email/phone number, delete the invalid contacts, or refrain from involving the client(s) from your future Announcements.


Tip: Group all your invalid contacts by clicking on the Select button in the top left-hand corner. You can add tags to the list to exclude them from future campaigns or mark them for update/deletion them. 


Please Note: Scheduled campaigns will not be sent if your account is in blocked state at the scheduled delivery time. These campaigns will not be sent retroactively once your privileges are restored.


 Once you've completed your cleanup efforts, contact our Support for review.

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