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How to Add a Recurring Meeting

In addition to setting regular one-on-one appointments and group events you can also create a series of repeating appointments. This is useful when there is a need to meet with clients on a recurring basis for the same type of session. For instance, a client with shoulder pain might require five recurring meetings with a physiotherapist.

To set up a recurring meeting with a client:

  1. Click Quick Actions > New Appointment, and then select the relevant client. 

  2. In the New Appointment dialog, select the service and the date/time of the first appointment. Then select the Repeats checkbox and select the recurrence details.

  • Step 3: Click Send. 

Business and Client Experience

Your view:


Your client's view:​



Q: How do payments work?
A: When setting up a repeating appointment, the business can set it as paid (as with a regular appointment). The price stated is for a single appointment and not for the whole series.
A pending payment will be created for each appointment instance. Each payment will have a different due date, based on the date of the appointment.


Q: How do client confirmation and follow up work here?
A: For now, these are grayed out for recurring meetings.


Q: Does the invite generate an ICS file per instance of meeting?
A: No. Only a single ICS file will be sent for the entire series.


Q: How will the price and payment options show to the client?
A: When selecting “Suggest to pay at booking” or “Require to pay at booking”, the series will be booked. In the first email to the client there is no mention of payment.
A suggestion to pay will appear on appointment reminders. A pay button will also be displayed in the client portal.


Q: Can I convert an existing appointment to a series?
A: Currently not.


Q: Can the business reschedule a recurring appointment?
A: Yes. You can reschedule the whole series or one instance. The time and date can be changed, however the repeating rule cannot be changed.


Q: Can the client reschedule a recurring appointment?
A: The client can reschedule an appointment instance from the client zone. They cannot make changes to the whole series.
If the service is not set as “auto-approved” the business will receive a request - just as with regular appointments.


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