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How Online Payments Work

Here at Wolbix, we understand the importance of providing an easy process for your clients to directly pay you for your services.  This is why we offer the ability for you to set up Online Payments in your Wolbix account.

Once connected to a payment gateway and online payments have been enabled, you can have your clients pay their invoices online, accept payments during scheduling, or set up payment options on your online widgets, client portal or by creating a button on your website.


Client Experience

When clients go to make a payment, it will trigger a secure window from your client portal to open

  • Existing clients will be required to complete any required payment details not already on their client card

  • New clients will also be required to provide their contact information and will be automatically added to your client list once their payment is complete

  • After entering in the require details, the payment gateway window will open

    • Clients will enter in their card info and billing details and click Submit

  • When the payment is successful, the client will receive an email confirmation and will be directed back to the Client Portal.

For more information on customizing what information is collected from new clients making a payment , please check out the article Customizing Client Card Settings.

For more information on creating Direct Links for payments, check out our article Creating a Customized Call-to-Action Link or Button.


Staff Experience

Once a client completes a payment, a notification about the received payment will be triggered. Email notifications are by default turned on, but SMS and app notifications can also be turned on. The notification will give a summary of the payment. Clicking on the link within the notification will take you to the full payment details.

The account admin can set up staff notifications by going to Settings > Inbox & Leads

Staff can set up their own notifications by going to Settings > My Notifications

If a client starts a payment, but it's not completed, an engagement will be automatically created and added to your Wolbix Inbox. This ensures that you don't miss a lead.

Please note: an incomplete payments will not trigger an email or mobile notification.

Payment details can be viewed either on the client card by clicking on the Payment tab or by going to Payments > Payments Received.

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