Add the Contact Form or Scheduling Calendar Widget to Your Website with HTML Code

Installing Wolbix widgets via HTML is easy and platform-independent, which means you can implement them on most website builders. All you need is the ability to edit the HTML code of your website.

Note: several website builders require a paid subscription to add plug-ins, edit the HTML, and/or edit the header or footer of the website's theme.

  1. Click on Online Presence > Website Widgets.

  2. Under Additional Widgets click the "Edit/View" button next to the Contact Form or the Scheduling Calendar.

  3. Configure the widget(s) as desired.

  4. Click on the Done button to save the settings.

  5. Click Add To Website next to the desired widget.

  6. Select Other websites (HTML) tab.

  7. Copy the HTML code.

  8. Paste the HTML code into the code for your website where you wish to display it.


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