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Configuring Your Services Menu

Your customized My Services menu allows clients and leads to quickly find and book the service they need. From this menu you can easily add, remove and categorize services, as well as define advanced settings for each service.  To get started, open the Settings menu and select My Services. 


This article summarizes the My Services menu and how to work with it: 

IMPORTANT: To enable successful online booking, go to Settings > Online Booking Options and make sure the I offer online scheduling checkbox at the top of the page is checked. 

In general, we recommend starting at your Online Booking Options as these define many of the default booking options in your services and can help you save time when creating multiple services.


My Services: Settings Overview

Each new Wolbix account is configured with several default services that you can customize (or delete) according to your needs. You can also create as many additional services as you require.

As you can see in the example below, the Services list is divided into categories, with each category containing related services. Categories help keep your services organized and make it easier for clients to view your list of services online. For more information, refer to Managing Categories.


Clicking Preview as a client (at the top of the My Services page) lets you view your Services list as your clients and leads will see it. Note how the services are listed under their categories. 


The links on the right side of the My Services page provide quick access to the following related settings:

Managing Categories

Categories help you organize your services and make it easier for clients to view your Services list online. You can set up categories according to any logic that makes sense for your business. For instance:

  • Group workshops / one-on-one client sessions (as in the example below)

  • Different kinds of services (e.g., hair care, nail care, facials, massages, etc.)

  • Services for new clients / services for returning clients


You can add as many categories as you need. Click Add Category (at the top or bottom of the My Services page). Then, type a name for the new category and click Save. 


Once you've created your categories, you can set their order of appearance by clicking the Up and Down sorting arrows. Clients will see the categories in the order in which they appear on the My Services page. 

Clicking     opens a list of actions you can take on the category: 

  • Grab link: Displays a direct link to the category. Click Grab Link to copy the link and paste it into your website, social media, etc., or click Send By Email to share the link with specific recipients. 

  • Rename: Lets you change the name of the category.

  • Delete: Removes the category from your Services list. If the category contains services, they will be automatically transferred to another category. 

 Working with Services

To help you get started, your Wolbix account comes with several built-in services that you can use as a base for your service list. General information displayed for each service includes an icon or image, the service's name and duration, a description (if you add one), the price (if you choose to display it), and the service type: 

  • 1 on 1 appointment: Usually includes you (or a member of your team) and a single client. Generally, clients can book a slot of their choice based on your up-to-date availability.

  • Group event: A meeting, class or workshop intended for more than one participant. The maximum number of attendees for each event is shown in the Services list. Clients can sign up online until all available spots are taken.


When you hover over a row in the Services list, some action icons appear that let you manage the service:


The services in the category are displayed to clients in the order in which they appear in your Services list. To change the order, click     and drag the service to the desired position. 

Clicking      (or simply clicking the row) opens the Edit Service page, where you can add an image and description for the service, set location and price, and select various other advanced settings. 

Clicking       opens a list of actions you can take on the service:

  • Hide from service menu: Select this option if you don't want the service listed on your client portal, website, social media and so on. This action is useful if you want to disable the service temporarily, or if you want to offer the service to only selected clients (and not to the general public). Hidden services are indicated by a Hidden icon in their icon/image (shown by the arrow in the figure below). 

  • Clone: Makes a copy of the service, so you can make minor changes to the settings and then save as a new service. 

  • Grab link: Displays a direct link to the service. 

  • Delete: Removes the service from your Services list.