Configuring Staff Member Settings

The Staff Settings page allows you to customize a service list, schedule and other details for each of your team members. There is a separate Settings page for every person on your staff.

Note: Wolbix supports multiple staff members for subscriptions of Business and higher. For more information please visit our pricing page.

To access the Settings page of a staff member:

  1. From the menu bar, select Settings > Staff to open your list of staff members.

  2. In the row of the relevant staff member, click        . Then, from the list that opens, select Staff settings. 

  3. The Staff Settings page opens, with the My Profile tab displayed.


The following tabs on the page enable you to view and update different types of settings for the staff member:

  • My Profile: Contains general descriptive settings, such as profile photo and professional title.

  • My Appointments: Lists the services provided by the staff member.

  • My Schedule: Displays the staff member's business hours and synced calendar. 

  • My Notifications: Contains an email signature option and flags for text messages and push notifications.

Note: The Roles & Permissions tab is available to Platinum subscribers only. For more information, refer to
Setting Staff Roles and Permissions.


My Profile

This tab enables you to update a staff member's name, email address and title.


The following settings are also available:

  • Photo: To upload a photo, click Choose File and then select an image file of JPG, GIF or PNG. The image needs to be square and at least 32 pixels high. Make sure the file size is under 4 MB.
    To replace an existing photo, click Clear and then upload a new photo.

  • Color: The color displayed here represents this staff person on the business calendar and on other shared pages. To change the color, click the square and select a color from the color chart that opens.

After updating settings on the tab, click Save Changes.

My Appointments

On this tab, you can specify the services that the staff member is able to provide and customize appointment details to suit the staff member. 

IMPORTANT: Before updating these settings, make sure you have configured your Services list, as described here (Configuring your Services menu).

On the My Appointments tab, the services provided by the staff member are indicated by a "services offered"  next to the service name (see the example below). The details below the service name will vary according to the settings you have configured in your Services list. If you provide the phone number (for phone consultations) and the Service Location for the appointment, you can enter a phone number and address specific to this staff member. 
This is also useful if your staff members are accepting appointments online (with services such as Zoom, Google hangouts or others). Here you can place the staff members unique link.


After updating settings on the tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

My Schedule

This tab allows you to:

  • Set the staff member's time zone (if relevant) and business hours. For details about how to set a schedule, refer to Selecting Calendar Settings and Business Hours.

  • Sync the Wolbix calendar with other online calendars of the staff member. Any busy time on the other calendar(s) (Google, Outlook, iCloud, etc.) will be excluded from available hours on the Wolbix calendar.
    More information on how to sync individual calendars appears during the sync process.


My Notifications

On this tab, a staff member can design a personalized email signature that will appear on every email sent out by that team member. 


The following settings are also available:

  • Mobile text notifications: When the checkbox is selected, the staff member receives a text notification for every payment, contact or booking request sent by a client.

 After updating settings on the My Notifications tab, click Save Changes.

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