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How Will My Clients Receive Invoices?

Once an invoice has been generated for a client, it will be sent to your client's email address that is listed on their client card. The client will then receive an email notification that they have a new invoice. The email will include a link to either "View Online", "Pay," or "Send Message."


If the client selects "View Online," they will be directed to the client portal where they can view, pay and/or print the invoice. 

If the client selects "Pay," they will be taken to the Client Portal to make a payment for the amount of the Invoice. The payment made will be tied to the invoice. Once the payment is completed you will receive a notification for a new payment.

If the client select "Send Message" it will direct the client to the Client Portal, and they can then send a secure message to you, linked to the conversation that was generated when the invoice as sent.

To view all the communication between you and your client regarding the invoice follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Clients section

  2. Select your client

  3. Click on the "Conversations" tab

  4. Select the conversation for the Invoice

The conversation will tell you when the appointment was scheduled, when it was completed, when and how it was paid for, and if a receipt was sent to the client or not.

Here is an example of a conversation in Wolbix when a new invoice has been sent:


For more information on generating an invoice, please check out our article Estimate and Invoices: Understanding Details and Building the Items List.

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