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Can My Clients Pay by Check or Bank Transfer?

Yes, with Wolbix, you have plenty of options for recording payments. Now, the two payment gateways Wolbixcurrently partners with, Stripe and PayPal, do not have the ability to process online payments made by check or bank transfer. However, if you still accept these forms of payments, you are able to record the payments to ensure your financials are fully accurate!

To record a payment by check or bank transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Payments > Invoices & Bookings

  2. Click "New" and select "Record Payment" 

  3. In the popup, select the client who made the payment

  4. Fill out the following:

    • The service or product you are recording a payment for

    • The amount received

    • Currency (if needed)

    • Payment method

  5. Check the "Send receipt to client" box if you want to send your client a receipt

  6. Click "Save" to finish


Your recorded payment will now be visible in Payments Received.

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