How to Bulk/Mass Update Your Wolbix Client List

As a business there are times when you may need to update all your clients's information.  Maybe you want to add new tags or you've added a new client card field, and already have the information for some of your clients.  In these instances, it can sometimes be easier to create a spreadsheet with the information you want added and import it to update your clients.

However, to add a Tag, Change Status, or Delete all your clients at once, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on Clients on the left side panel

  • Step 2: Click on Select at the top of the page and choose All from the drop down menu that appears


You will see that all of the boxes will be checked:

  • Step 3: This will then provide you with the option to either Add tags, Change status or Delete clients in bulk.

  • Step 4: Once updated, the system will save your changes automatically


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