Building and Managing Your Staff List

If you employ one or more staff members, you can easily update and manage your staff list from Wolbix Staff Settings page. To view your staff list, open the Settings menu and select Staff.

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This article explains how to create and manage staff accounts:

  • Adding Staff Members: Describes how to add a new member to your staff list.

  • Purchasing Staff Accounts: Explains how to buy additional staff accounts when you are already using the maximum number of accounts allowed by your subscription.

  • Managing Staff Accounts: Describes various administrative actions that you can perform on staff accounts, such as updating account details, deleting accounts, etc.

  • Selecting Staff Assignment Rules: Describes configurable settings related to handling of incoming communications and bookings for returning clients. 

NOTE: To support multiple staff members, your account needs to have a Business or Platinum subscription.

Adding Staff Members

When the number of staff members is within the limits allowed by your subscription, the number of accounts currently being used is displayed at the bottom of the Staff Members list. For example: 


Use the procedure below to add another member to your staff list. (If you are exceeding the number of accounts permitted by your subscription type, refer to Purchasing Staff Accounts.)

To add a staff member: 

  • Step 1: At the bottom of the Staff Members list, click Add Staff. Alternatively, at the top of the page, click New Staff Account.

    The New staff account dialog opens.

  • Step 2: In the Name field, enter the name of the staff member as you want it to be displayed in the Staff List. It is not required to enter both a first name and a last name. 

  • Step 3: In the Email field, enter the email address to be associated with the staff member's Wolbix account. (This email becomes the username for the new account.)

    By default, the new staff member will receive a Welcome email providing instructions about activating the account. If you prefer not to send this email, inactivate the Send email invitation toggle button.

  • Step 4: By default, new staff members are assigned a role of User. If you have a Platinum subscription, you can assign a different role by opening the Role list and selecting the relevant option. 

  • Step 5: Open the Select services list and select the checkboxes of the services to be provided by the staff member. Clicking SELECT ALL (at the top of the list) automatically selects all the services.

    Note: The services listed are based on your Services menu.

  • Step 6: Click Add.

    The new member is added to your Staff Members list. If you have chosen to send an email invitation, the new staff member will receive a Welcome email. For example:

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Clicking Accept invitation redirects the staff member to another page where a password can be chosen. For example:

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Purchasing Additional Staff Accounts

If you require more accounts than the number included with your current subscription, you can either upgrade your subscription or buy additional accounts on a pay-per-account basis. The message displayed at the bottom of your Staff Members list describes the current state of your staff account status. For example: 

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If you choose to buy additional staff accounts, the purchase is included in the process of adding the new staff member(s). The following procedure explains how to do it.

To purchase an additional staff account: 

  • Step 1: At the bottom of the Staff Members list, click Add Staff. Alternatively, at the top of the page, click New Staff Account.

The New staff account dialog opens.

  • Step 2: Specify the name and account details, and select the services to be provided by the new staff member. For more information, refer to the procedure for Adding a Staff Member.

  • Step 3: At the bottom of the dialog, review the purchasing information and then select the I confirm this purchase checkbox. 

  • Step 4: Click Purchase Now.

    The new member is added to your Staff Members list. If you have chosen to send an email invitation, the new staff member will receive a Welcome email and be prompted to set a password for the new account. 

Following your purchase, you will receive an email containing a description of the transaction and the invoice. For example:


In addition, the My Account page (Settings > My Account) is updated with a record of your staff account purchases. For example:


Managing Staff Accounts

Hovering over a row in the Staff Members list displays icons that enable you to perform various administrative actions.  


You can rearrange the order of staff members in the list using the Reorder icon    . Click and hold the icon, and then drag the staff member to the desired position in the list. 

Clicking      opens the following list of administrative actions:


The options are:

  • Edit staff account: Opens the Edit staff member dialog, where you can update name, account details and services provided by the staff member. You can open this dialog directly by clicking          .

  • Staff settings: Opens the Settings page for the selected staff member, where you can customize that member's services, schedule and other details.

  • Login as: Enables you to view the account as it is displayed to the selected staff member.

  • Resend activation email: Resends the Welcome email that prompts the staff member to activate the account and set a password. 

  • Delete: Removes the account of the staff member. When you delete a staff account, all data for that account (messages, meetings, payments, documents, etc.) is transferred to the Inbox of the Primary Admin. It is not possible to delete the account of the Primary Admin. 

Selecting Staff Assignment Rules

If you have a Business or Platinum subscription, you can configure options in the Assignment rules tab. This tab contains settings related to how incoming communications and bookings for returning clients are handled. To access the tab, open the Settings menu and select Staff. Then, at the top of the page, click Assignment rules.


The staff member displayed under Default assignment is the one who receives all incoming communications such as contact details, documents, payments, etc. (This does NOT include new bookings if clients can select staff when making the appointment.)

The Default assignment setting is usually given to the Primary Admin. To update this setting, select the desired staff member from the dropdown list

Platinum subscribers can also update the following settings:

  • Returning client interactions: The option you select here determines whether communications (documents, payments, etc.) sent by existing clients are received by the Default assignment staff member, or are automatically directed to the staff member who most recently handled that client. 

  • Returning client bookings: This setting determines how staff assignment for appointments booked by existing clients is handled. You can automatically assign returning clients to the staff member who worked with them most recently, or you can handle assignments for existing clients according to your default Online Booking settings.