Wolbix Billing and Cancellation Policy

This article explains how to proceed in the event that you want to cancel your Wolbix subscription. It also provides some general information about billing and pricing. 

Note: The information below is relevant to non-partner subscriptions. 

Cancelling a Trial Subscription

Wolbix Trial package allows you to use the product at no charge for 14 days. At the end of this period, you can either:

  • Upgrade to a paid subscription

  • Take no action and let your account expire. You can reactivate your expired account at any time.

If you decide that you want to cancel your Trial before the 14 days have elapsed, no action is required on your part. At the end of the Trial period, your account will automatically expire. No credit card information is collected for Trial accounts, and if you do not choose to upgrade, you will NOT be billed. 

Canceling a Monthly or Annual Subscription

Monthly and annual subscriptions are prepaid and are automatically renewed at the end of each billing month/year. Even if you stop using your account, your subscription will stay active for the remainder of the billing cycle, and no prorated refund will be issued for the unused portion of the subscription.

To withdraw permission for auto-billing, you need to take ONE of the following actions before the end of the billing cycle:

  • Change your account status to Expired: Use this option if you might want to resume use of the account in the future. An Expired account can be accessed and reactivated at any time. You will not be billed while the account is Expired.
    To cancel automatic renewal and change your account status to expired - contact Wolbix BEFORE the end of the upcoming billing cycle. 


  • Close your account: Use this option if you want to permanently cancel your account. A closed account cannot be accessed or reactivated. 
    You can permanently close your account from the Wolbix console. From the Settings menu, select My Account. Then, click Close Account. 

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Understanding Billing and Pricing

  • To review billing information and invoices for payments made to Wolbix, log into your account and select Settings > My Account. 

  • To review billing options for different account types, go to Wolbix.com/pricing

Handling Lapses in Payment

If you have a monthly or annual subscription and Wolbix  payment processor is unable to collect your payment, your account will enter a dunning phase. If the subscription remains unpaid, the status of the account will change to Expired. 

An Expired account can be accessed and reactivated at any time. You will not be billed while the account is Expired.
When an account is re-activated any outstanding invoices will be processed at that time.


Note: Wolbix is not liable for bank charges or fees that are related to billing for your Wolbix subscription.

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