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Working with Advanced Settings for Services

The Edit Service page lets you update basic settings and configure advanced settings for a specific service. To access the page, open the Settings menu and select My Services. Then, scroll to the service you want to update, and click the Edit icon.


The links in the Quick Navigation pane, on the right side of the page, will let you jump to a specific category to update the settings for the service being edited.


The settings include:

  • Service info: How and where the service is displayed to clients.

  • Location: This is where the appointment will take place, for example, over the phone, in person or online. 

  • Duration and Availability: The duration of the service and special availability settings.

  • Price: How the fee is displayed to clients and whether advanced payment is required.

  • Staff (Available for Business subscriptions or higher): Details related to client selection of a staff member during online booking. 

  • Booking options: Customize online booking options for this service. This overrides the default set in Settings > Online Booking Options. 

  • Client notifications (Platinum subscriptions only): Customize the auto client messages related to booking this service. Overrides any defaults set in Settings > Auto Client Messages.

  • Client intake form: Customize the information that the client provides when booking this service online. For more details, refer to our article Customizing Client Card Settings.

NOTE: After updating advanced settings, save your changes by clicking Done, in the upper left corner of the Edit Service page.

Service Info Settings

These settings let you control how and where the service is displayed to clients.


The settings are:   

  • Service name and description: You may update the service name, and add a description. The description can include additional information about the service so your clients will know what to expect and what the service includes. For example:

  • Service image: Allows you to add an image to enhance the display (as in the above example). Choose an image from the large selection in our Image Gallery, or select your own image to upload. 

  • Category: Open the list to select a different category (group of similar services). 

  • Online booking service menu: By default, all services that you create are publicly displayed in the online booking menu. This means that the service will display for online booking anywhere you share your scheduling link, such as in your Client Portal, your website, social media, etc. If you don't want a service to be publicly displayed on your Services menu (e.g., you want to offer it only to specific clients, or offer it as an occasional special), make sure the box under Online booking service menu is NOT checked. 

Location Settings

After choosing a location, the item chosen will expand for you to update additional fields related to your selection:

  • Face to Face: Select who sets the location, you or the client. If you set it, you will use your business address or provide an address. If the client sets it, they will be asked to provide an address during online scheduling. This is useful for making house calls, for example.

  • Over the Phone: Select who initiates the call, you or the client. If the clients call you, you need to provide a phone number. If you call them, they will be asked to provide a callback number when they schedule.

  • Online: Provide either your Skype details or the link to the online meeting service of your choice. This link will then be provided to your client after their scheduled appointment is fully confirmed.


Duration and Availability Settings

These settings let you customize the length of the appointment and the time slots during which the service will be offered. 


The settings are: 

  • Duration: Here you can update the total length of the appointment. Setting a Preparation time blocks off a specified period of time on your calendar before each appointment to allow for preparation or travel time. Preparation times that you can select range from No preparation time to 2 hours. 
    Note: Preparation time is not calculated for the first available appointment of the day.

  • Service availability: By default, all services will be offered during the general business hours that are configured under Settings > Calendar. If you want to offer a service at other times, select the Service has different availability radio button and specify the relevant time slots. If you offer the service every day at the same time, set the hours for the first day in the list, and then click Copy To All Workdays. 
    Note: For details about how to set hours of availability, refer to our article Selecting Calendar Settings and Business Hours

  • Note for Business subscriptions and higher: Staff members are able to set their own availability. If a service is set up with different availability from regular business hours, the staff members assigned to the service must set at least some of their personal availability during the time the service is available. Otherwise, clients will not be able to book the service online. 

  • Online booking calendar intervals: This setting lets you control the time intervals that are displayed to clients on your online calendar. For example, if you set an interval of 60 minutes, your calendar will display available time slots beginning at the top of the hour. (The appointment duration can be shorter or longer than the interval you choose.)
    By default, the interval is set to calculate automatically according to the meeting duration and the preparation time. 


Price Settings

Service Fee options let you specify not only a price, but also how the fee is displayed to your clients and whether clients are required to prepay for the service. If the service involves a fixed fee, you must enter the price and (if relevant) select a currency. 


The Service Fee options allow you a great deal of flexibility in determining how your fees are displayed and collected. If you are not charging for the service, you can choose:

  • Free - Display as "Free"

  • Free - Don't display a fee

  • Price varies - Display as "For a fee"

If the fee is fixed and your business supports online payment, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Paid - Suggest to pay at booking: Clients are prompted to pay when they book the appointment, but prepayment is not required. 

  • Paid - Require to pay at booking: Clients must pay within 15 minutes of booking the appointment. If payment is not completed within this period, the booking is automatically canceled. 

If the fee is fixed and your business does not want to accept an online payment for the service, you can select the following:

  • Paid - Display fee only (No online payment)


The following example shows how some of the Service Fee options are displayed to clients:


Staff Settings

The Auto-assign staff advanced setting is only available to Platinum subscribers. It allows you to control the client selection of a staff member during online booking. 


You may enable the Auto-assign staff setting when the service is provided by at least 2 staff members. When the checkbox is selected, clients booking online are shown available times for ALL staff members, and they are able to choose ONE of these time slots. Once they have chosen a time, the system randomly routes the booking request to an available staff member.

When Auto-assign staff is enabled, you can also select ONE of the following radio buttons:

  • Add a NO PREFERENCE option: Clients are prompted to select a staff member, but they are also presented with an option to skip staff selection (I have no preference). 

  • Don't display staff selection: Clients are not given the option to select a staff member, and the system will randomly assign a staff member to the appointment. 

NOTE: If you have configured the Scheduling Order in your Online Booking options to be Client will select a staff member and then a service, Auto-assign staff settings will be overridden.

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