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Adding One-on-One Appointments to Your Services Menu

A one-on-one appointment service is a meeting between you (or a staff member) and a client. There is no limit on the number of these services you can create and you can fully customize them to fit your client needs.

This article explains how to add one-on-one appointments to your Services menu and use the advanced options to keep your booking process running smoothly. 

Adding a One-on-One Appointment to your Services Menu

To create a new one-on-one appointment service, you first need to specify a name for the service and some basic settings. The required settings are:

  • Location of the appointment

  • Length and price of the appointment

  • Staff members who provide the service   

Follow these steps to add a one-on-one appointment to your Services menu:

  • Step 1:  From the Settings menu, select My Services. 


The My Services page opens.

  • Step 2: At the upper left corner of the page, click New Service > 1 on 1 appointment.
    Alternatively, at the end of any service category on the page, click Add 1 on 1 Appointment to directly add a service to a category.


The New Service - 1 on 1 appointment dialog opens. 

  • Step 3: At the top of the dialog, under Service info, enter the name of the new service (e.g., Consultation Call). The service name can have a maximum of 250 characters. 

  • Step 4: Click ONE of the Choose location buttons. You will be prompted to enter additional details accordingly. The location options are:

    • Face to Face

    • Over the Phone

    • Online

  • Step 5: Under Duration, set the length of the appointment. Clients will not be able to choose their own meeting length. 

  • Step 6: Under Price, choose whether or not clients are required to pay for the service. If you select With Fee, you will be prompted to enter the service price. If you want clients to pay in advance, be sure to check the Require to pay online during booking box. 


Note: To request payment up-front, make sure you have configured your payment gateway under Settings > Payments. For more information, refer to our article Selecting Payment Settings.

  • Step 7: For Business and Platinum subscriptions only:
    Under Staff, select the staff member(s) who can provide the service from the drop-down. Click Select All to choose all staff members.

  • Step 8: To save your new one-on-one appointment service, click one of the following:

    CREATE: Creates the service and adds it to the My Services page.
    ADVANCED: Creates the service and opens the Edit Service page, where you can select additional settings for the service. (See the next section for more information.)


1 on 1 Appointments: Advanced Settings

Clicking Advanced when creating a service opens the Edit Service page, where you can review and revise the basic settings of the services that were set up, and update advanced settings for the specific service.

Settings that you can configure on the Edit Service page are:

  • Service info: Service name, description and visibility settings.

  • Location: Location type and protocol, such as who selects the location, which online meeting provider will be used, etc.

  • Duration and Availability: Additional settings for meeting length and available time slots.

  • Price: How the fee is displayed to clients and advance payment options.

  • Staff: Staff selection options available to clients during online booking. (Available for Business subscriptions and higher.)

For more details about these settings, refer to our article Working with Advanced Settings for Services.

Continue to configure additional advanced settings:

  • Booking Options: Customize the online booking options for the individual service. These settings will override the defaults set in Settings > Online Booking Options. 

  • Client Notifications (Platinum subscriptions only): Customize the auto client messages for booking this specific service. Updating this section will override the default auto client messages.

  • Client Intake Form: Customize the information requested from the client when booking this service online. For details, refer to our article Customizing Client Card Settings.

The links in the Quick Navigation pane (found on the right side of the Edit Service page) provide access shortcuts to all the different advanced settings. 


NOTE: After updating advanced settings, save your changes by clicking Done (in the upper left corner of the Edit Service page). 


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