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Why Are Meetings Not Automatically Added to My Google Calendar?

In order for a meeting that was scheduled on Wolbix to be automatically added to your Google calendar you should:

  1. Make sure the email address tied to your Wolbix account is the same as the email address tied to your Google calendar.
    To update the email address on your account, navigate to Settings>Business Info>Account Email.
    *If you wish to receive Wolbix notifications to another email address, you can add it to the Additional Emails field on the Settings > Inbox & Leads page. 

  2. Make sure you receive an email notification from Wolbix with the subject "Appointment scheduled with [Your client's name]". This email contains an .ics file that will allow you to add the meeting to your calendar.

  3. Enable Automatically add invitations to my calendar option on your Google calendar.
    To enable this setting follow the steps below:


    • Click the gear icon at the top of any Google Calendar page

    • Click Settings

    • In the Automatically add invitations to my calendar section, select the appropriate option (Yes/ Yes, but don't send event reminders until I have responded)

    • Click Save 



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