Adding a New Client

Whenever a new contact sends you details or schedules with you through Wolbix, a Client Card is automatically created in your Wolbix account with all the information provided by the contact. However, you might want to prepare Client Cards for potential leads who have not contacted you yet via Wolbix. The New Client function allows you to manually add Client Cards for such leads or for any other contacts that you'd like to have on your Client List. 

Use the following procedure to add single clients to your Client List. If you want to add large numbers of new clients, we recommended using one of the bulk import methods. 

To add a new client:

  • Step 1: Open the Clients menu. At the top of the page, click New Client. 

New Clients.PNG

The New Client window opens. 

  •  Step 2: Enter the client's contact details (name, email, phone and address) on the appropriate lines. 


Note: All contact details are optional except for First Name. 

  • Step 3: Open the Client Status dropdown list and select an appropriate status for the new client. The default status is Customer.

  • Step 4: By default, the time zone defined for the new client is the same as the time zone of your business. If the client is in a different time zone, select the relevant option from the Time zone dropdown list. 

    Note: This option is relevant only if your Calendar Settings support multiple time zones.

  • Step 5: If relevant, click the Add Tags line and select one or more tags for the new client. (For more details about tags and their use, refer to Adding Tags to Organize Your Client List.)

  • Step 6: If desired, click the Private notes line and enter relevant details about the client. Your notes and tags will not be visible to the client.

  • Step 7: By default, an email message is automatically sent to the new client with an invitation to view your Client Portal. To view and update the text of the message, click Edit email message. 


If you don't want to send the new client an email message, clear the Send client a link checkbox. 

  • Step 8: Click Save. 

    A Client Card for the new client is created and displayed. For example:


You can continue by adding more data (e.g., an image) to the Client Card, as necessary.

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