How do I add the Client Portal widget to my website?

Wolbix partners very closely with several website builders to allow our widget to easily be added to your website via a plug-in/app.

Please Note: Some website builders do require a paid subscription to add plug-ins or access the footer to add custom HTML.


To deploy the Client Portal Widget via a plug-in, please do the following:

  • Click on Online Presence > Website Widgets - this section contains all the widgets available for you to integrate with your website

  • Click on "Add To Website" under the Client Portal Widget option (or found next to a widget of your choosing) 

  • The Where is your Website? window opens

  • Select the website builder that you are using to create your website

  • Additional instructions that are specific to your website builder display

  • Complete the additional instructions to add the Client Portal widget to your website

For more detailed instructions on how to add Servida to your website, click here, and select your website platform from the list.

Our widget can also be deployed to any website using the full HTML code.


With any other questions you might have, please feel free to