How Do You Upload an Internal Document to a Client Card?

You can upload a document to a client card that is for internal use only. This means the document will be available for only you and your staff, and your client will not have access to it.

To upload an internal document to a client card, follow these steps:

From the Documents Section

  1. From your Wolbix, click on Documents, found on the left side panel.

  2. Click on the Add Document button - a pop up box with your client list will appear.

  3. Either select the client(s) you want to upload the internal document for or click the '+' button to add a new client.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. The Add Document pop-up window opens.

From the Client Section

  1. From you Wolbix, navigate to your Clients section, found on the left side panel.

  2.  To upload a document to one client, select the client from your client list that you want to upload your document for. To upload the document to multiple clients, select the checkbox next to each client you want to have the document.

  3. Click the New button found at the top of the page.

  4. From the drop down menu that appears select Document.

  5. The Add Document pop-up window opens.


  • Admins & Managers can select which staff will be assigned to the uploaded article.  Click on the "From" field and select which staff member is assigning this document to the client.

    • All other staff will not have this option and can only upload documents as themselves.

  • In the “Select a Document” field, select “From My Documents” if you are uploading a document that has previously been uploaded to your document repository, or select “Upload New” if you are uploading a new document.

    • If you selected “From My Documents” the next field is “Choose Document” - select the document you want to upload.

    • If you selected “Upload New”: click the box to choose the file from your computer you want to upload. Check the box “Also add to My Documents” if you want the document added to your document repository, and add an optional document title and description if needed

  • In the “Share Options” field select For Internal Use Only

  • Click Add

The file is now uploaded to the selected client card. It can be found in the Documents tab of the client card and is visible only to your staff. It will include the name and size of the file, the staff member that uploaded the file, the date uploaded, and it will say Internal.


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